mike_berens_coffeeColleagues, followers and friends…I established the Berens Law Firm in 2014 after over eight rewarding years as an Active Duty JAG in the United States Air Force. It has been a dream of mine for many years to run my own law practice and I am very excited to have the opportunity to operate a Tacoma, Washington-based practice with a worldwide mission to raise the civilian Military Defense Attorney bar for Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy and Marine service members facing adverse action in the military justice system. This forum will primarily contain content related to my primary area of practice, including interesting court opinions and articles. Thank you for your continued interest and support.

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Choosing The Sound Military Lawyer, Michael J. Berens to represent me…was the right move.

If you don’t have time to read then know this, if you are in serious military justice or administrative separation trouble and need support, Mike Berens is the guy to call. I am a Major in the US Army, a husband, a father of four, and a proud mustang (NCO to Officer) with over 18…

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